Celebrity Makeup Artist & Photographer Pune

Fashion is an intangible term and those who dream about making a career in this industry need to put their best foot forward. The entry way to the glam industry is easy when your fashion quotient is up to the mark. Here your style, makeup and attitude count.

Celebrity Photographer / Makeup artist

I Atul Shidaye an ace celebrity photographer and Celebrity makeup artist in Pune knows what it takes to be in the fashion industry. So, if you want to be in the buzz industry or simply look glamorous for an event. I Atul Shidaye and team can be your best choice in Pune.

Why Choose Us

When you speak about glamour, perfection is a must. I have a vast experience and professional training has nailed it in the industry and as it is rightly said, actions speak louder than words” you can check out the work in this genre

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